Why is Camera Calibration so important after Windshield Replacement?


The new safety technology being equipped in vehicles today is like none other ever created. Your vehicle's ability to sense itself drifting out of your lane, collision warning and blind spot detection are just a few of the many life saving, high precision features we have today. The fact is that certain equipment that performs these features must maintain tolerances down to the millimeter! Once your windshield is changed, the Forward Facing Camera MUST be recalibrated to its proper specifications in order to ensure proper functionality. At GLASSWORKS, we understand this. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars and undergone hundreds of hour of training and research to ensure your vehicle functions properly after windshield replacement. We calibrate most vehicles "in house" under strict conditions and only use glass that we know will perform according to dealer guidelines.

NEVER let an auto glass company or insurance company compromise your safety or your vehicle's warranty by not calibrating after an installation, or not authorizing Original Equipment (OE) Glass when necessary!

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are advancing daily. We stay informed so that our customers can stay safe. We know the realities of what other shops are unaware, and what many drivers take for granted.